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Fund A Need
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This year’s Fund-A-Need Drive is focused on the arts and wellness at Thornhill. From music to art class to PE to mental health support, we see our kids thrive when their creativity comes alive, when they can play and exercise, and when a trusted adult can help guide their self-esteem and coping strategies. The PFC helps fund all of these important positions at our school and we’re asking tonight for you to help fund this need at our school. 


We know that in a child’s early years, participation in the arts can have positive impacts on their cognitive development. The arts offer unique opportunities to support social-emotional learning skills such as emotional regulation, personal aspirations and compassion for others. Music, specifically, can improve their self-efficacy and self-esteem, fosters resilience, and can help develop relationship-building skills.


This year’s Fund-A-Need seeks to support the arts and wellness to support ALL of our students, every student at the school is touched by these programs. Please help us raise enough money to continue to support these vital services for our school.

Equity Fund
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The Equity Fund for OUSD Schools provides an opportunity for our community to support OUSD schools facing the greatest stresses and needs. Equity Allies wants all children in Oakland to attend schools that are safe, enriching, and open doors for students to pursue their dreams. We believe that our classrooms should be abundant with supplies and academic resources, and that our schools should be well-staffed to meet students’ academic and social emotional needs.

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